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“After years of trying almost every diet imaginable including eliminating food groups, fasting and cleansing, Sandy taught me how to live my life in alignment with my specific constitution. She taught me how to bring it back into balance with practical, simple suggestions. Most importantly, I was able to easily incorporate her guidance into my daily life. I felt better and had more energy after the first week. She is kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Sandy to help you better understand how to bring your life into balance too!”

- L.N.

“I am a 77-year-old active male. I developed sudden overnight symptoms of swelling and severe pain in both hands, wrists, shoulders, ankles. I could not tie my shoes or button my shirt or hold anything. My primary physician referred me to Stanford Hospital specialists who after extensive testing and scans, could find no explanation, and could only offer pain medications. After a comprehensive diagnosis from Sandy, I began a regimen of Ayurvedic herbs with minor dietary changes and within a week the symptoms began to fade, and within a month life resumed to near normal function. Now, after three months I feel more energetic than before this crisis and enjoy all my old activities including regular yoga practice.


-Alan Nicholson, February 2024

“I have been practicing with Sandy for two years in private classes.  She is an intuitive and thoughtful teacher and I appreciate her ability to tailor our sessions.  She combines a physical practice with spiritual one.  She is helping me to gradually make progress towards more advanced postures like the supported headstand.”


“Sandy is one of the most thoughtful, dedicated yoga teachers I’ve ever worked with. Her class is both calming and skill building. Moderate pace with a focus on perfection the poses. She has made me an increasingly better yoga practitioner.”

Public Class Student

Sandy’s yoga and pranayama teachings have completely transformed my life. Before I became her student, my alignment and yoga postures were causing me pain. She not only helped relieve my pain with asanas and breathing techniques, but also paid close attention to gently correcting my form and alignment during our yoga sessions. She is attentive and intuitive. She provides a relaxing and peaceful environment to absorb and learn yoga, which helps me progress towards my spiritual studies. Her pranayama instructions have deepened my meditation, and have provided me with a valuable tool to become still, turn my senses inwards, and calm my mind during the workday and before meditation. Her wealth of knowledge and experience also helps strengthen the mind-body connection, turning my yoga practice into a more blissful, mindful practice. I am truly grateful for her life changing guidance and teachings.”


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