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About Private Yoga Classes

Whether you are new to yoga, have an injury or want to progress in your practice, private lessons are a personalized and effective way to learn yoga. I have worked positively with people to address conditions such as: scoliosis, knee pain, shoulder injuries, lower back pain, as well as stress, anxiety and insomnia. I also have worked with people to start and develop a meditation and spiritual practice. Private classes are tailored to meet you where you are and develop from there.

Private classes may be held on Zoom or in-person. Classes are 1 hour, or 1.5 hours. 

Private Lessons may Focus on:

  • Learning yoga postures, basics to intermediate

  • Healing and practicing safely with injuries

  • Establishing a home yoga practice and learning sequences to practice at home

  • Yoga for emotional balance

  • Yoga for women

  • Pranayama (Yoga of breath and energy regulation)

  • Establishing a sitting meditation practice

  • Integrating the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and yoga philosophy into your life

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